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For all Label, Mastering, Engineering, DJ Bookings & Artist inquiries
Tel: +44(0)7525 438 396
email: darbomusic@gmail.com

How to send your material to us
The easiest and most reliable way to get your demos and other material to us is by email, only in the format of MP3. It’s fast, free and reliable. Don’t post anything as it’s an unreliable and costly way to do things.Please refrain from sending MySpace / Soundcloud links as more often than not, they prove to be unreliable and time consuming in a day where there already are too few hours!

On the email please put the following information:-

1. Your name
2. Your band/group/Artist name
3. Your contact number/s
4. If we’re interested in your material we will get back to you on the number/s you’ve provided us with. If you don’t hear back from us, we won’t be pursuing that particular track, but keep sending your material in.
5. Track information. This is a vital element in getting the information you send in the correct format (Track format example: title-artist.mp3) If your track gets separated from your email, we need to know who and where it came from.

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